Kuarix is sponsoring a major Fintech event in Barcelona.

Kuarix is proud to be participating in the most important fintech event in Spain; the “eFintech Show” On 16th & 17th March, a conference and exhibition that showcases innovative technological solutions in finance. The event takes place in the Barcelona trade fair (Fira de Barcelona, Pabellón 1) and will bring together the major players in fintech as well as investors who will have the chance to debate, pitch and network.

On the second day of the event, Mexico will feature as the special guest and it will be presented as the country with the largest projection in the fintech sector on a worldwide level.

The “eFintech Show” focuses on how fintech has changed the baking arena and the advantages that financial technology companies provide to users compared to traditional banking services and the business opportunities and advantages that that fintech provides.

Within the show, Kuarix is sponsoring the event “FINTECH: Challenges facing banks in digital economies. (Fintech "Retos actuales de la Banca en las Economías Digitales"). Organized by the leading Spanish financial newspaper Expansión in collaboration with Openfinance, Oracle, Axis Corporate, Lleida.net and Kuarix

Our CEO Samuel Barbieux will be accompanied by leading industry experts including: Francesc Fajula, Director of digital transformation & Innovation – Banc Sabadell. Mariona Vicens Cuyas, Director of strategic development & innovation – Caixabanc. Miguel Ángel Cuesta, Director of client management – Popular Payments. José Manuel Valiño, Managing Director IT, Information & Operations – ABANCA. Karmele Agirrezabala, Innovation Director – KUTXABANK. Sergi Saborit, Section Director - EXPANSIÓN

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